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Divorce Step By Step in NC

Learn about separation and absolute divorce in North Carolina.  For more information call our office for an appointment 704-765-1617. Read more

Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement Before You Walk Down the Aisle

When it comes to planning a wedding, brides will spend countless hours fixating on minor details and ensuring that everything will be perfect for the big day. However, a majority of modern brides neglect to focus on a very important detail of wedding planning – a prenup. It is unlikely the thought of divorce will ever cross the mind of a blushing bride as she is trying on wedding dresses and addressing the invitations. Although couples do not get married with ... Read more

What Happens to Pets in a Divorce?

When it comes to a separation, most couples have a bone to pick over what to do with their pets. For many people, their pets are akin to having children and are a beloved part of the family. However, while Fido or Fluffy may be family in your eyes, pets acquired after the marriage are viewed as marital property when it comes to divorce in North Carolina, which can create a hairy situation. In dividing marital assets and debts among a divorcing ... Read more

Starting Over In the New Year When Going Through a Divorce.

With the beginning of a new year, comes the overused mantra “New Year. New Me.” Although most people abandon their resolutions by the end of January, “New Year. New Me” may resonate deeper for some, particularly someone going through a divorce. The transition to your new lifestyle after divorce can be tough and a new year is a great start to help ease this transition. Here are some ideas to kick start your New Year and rediscover yourself after a divorce.   1) Make ... Read more

Avoiding the Co-Parenting Horrors at Halloween

Whether you’re newly separated or have been following a custody schedule for several years, the holidays can be challenging when it comes to co-parenting with a former spouse. Since Halloween does not fall into the same “major holiday” category as Thanksgiving and Christmas, it can often be overlooked in drafting a custody agreement. What used to be a fun night of trick-or-treating can often turn into frustration and arguing when parties are unable to communicate. However, co-parenting at Halloween does not ... Read more

Third Party Claims In North Carolina: Taking Action Against Your Cheating Spouse’s Lover

Your loving marriage and sense of financial security were just destroyed by the discovery of your spouse’s affair. As you pick up the pieces of your broken marriage and prepare for the next chapter of your life, you watch your spouse seamlessly move-on with the same person responsible for ending your relationship. Such situations occur all too often and can leave one spouse with the need to seek retribution or level the playing field. Historically, North Carolina marital laws have viewed the ... Read more

Spousal Spying: Proving Your Spouse’s Affair

Recent changes in your spouse’s habits and routine can lead to a nagging suspicion that they may be having an affair. The man who never paid much attention to his grooming habits or what was “in style” has unexplainably gotten a new haircut and updated his wardrobe. The woman who never put her career above her family is now spending more late nights at the office and joining her co-workers for happy hour on a regular basis. Maybe your spouse has become ... Read more

Fresh Starts Are Worth It

Apparently language scholars have long debated the difference between the words – Complete and Finished. If so, Divorce lawyers should have weighed in. The difference is simple. When one marries the perfect mate – he is complete. When one marries the wrong mate – he is finished.   And, if one’s perfect mate catches him with the wrong mate – he is completely finished! All joking aside, divorce is common in our society. Statistics suggest that a divorce takes place every 36 ... Read more

Thanksgiving and Effective Communication

Enjoy your meal a little  more with these words of wisodm from Adam Breeding, esq. Originally published in the Novemeber 2014 issue of Lake Norman Woman Magazine. We all know the story of Thanksgiving – though not an official holiday until 1863, we can trace Thanksgiving’s roots back to 1621 when a rather devastated group of new world settlers shared their harvest feast with a particularly useful Patuxet Indian, Squanto, and his tribe. The Pilgrim colonists were indebted to Squanto and his pals, ... Read more

Do I Really Need a Divorce Attorney?

WHY YOU NEED A DIVORCE LAWYER. At Lake Norman Law Firm we offer consults to prospective clients because we believe in starting the lawyer-client relationship from an informed position and setting the client’s legal matter on the proper course from the beginning.  During these consults, my job sometimes turns into salesman… not in a pushy aggressive kind of way… but I am literally trying to “sale” the prospective client on the benefits of retaining a family lawyer.  I am not trying to “sale” ... Read more
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