Appellate Advocacy

At Lake Norman Law Firm we are uniquely experienced and skilled to deal with appeals.

Appellate procedure, rules, and guidelines alone are difficult for attorneys to deal with much less the difficult questions of law that are at stake. In order to be competently represented for good value in an appeal before our North Carolina Appellate Courts, a client necessarily must vet the lawyer to ensure he is experienced with appellate procedure and argument. Appeal cases typically require a high degree of legal thought and also take months to litigate. Such cases require a game plan, patience, and efficient management of the case so as to meet deadlines and preserve the client’s resources. Otherwise, legal bills can quickly mount, and even a victory can taste sour. Attorney Adam Breeding has handled multiple matters before the North Carolina Court of Appeals and knows how to start and finish a case. If you believe your initial case was decided wrongly or your attorney suggests an appeal is possible, please set up a consultso that we may review your case.