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From the start, our nation’s founders recognized the extreme importance of real property rights and the need to memorialize transactions and bestow good title to landowners.

There is no denying that Lake Norman is a real estate oriented marketplace, and Lake Norman Law Firm is ready and prepared to handle our client’s property needs and any litigation emerging therefrom. Whether our services are procured for a major real estate development, a simple deed draft, or a lawsuit related to YOUR DIRT we’re always honored and proud to assist the client with such an important matter.

Real Estate Law covers a very broad array of topics and issues. For individuals, in most families, the single largest asset ever bought or sold is their personal residence. This makes residential real estate a top priority for Rick Ruffin. How better to help a family than to make sure the purchase or sale of their single largest asset is properly handled from a legal perspective? Rick can assist with the transaction from acquisition of land on which to build, through construction contract negotiation, and all the way to closing. Considering that Rick holds a North Carolina Real Estate Broker’s license, he understands the real estate market and is in a unique position to help his law practice clients with residential real estate matters.

From a different perspective, proper navigation of commercial real estate transactions is not only important to the developers proposing the construction of properties, but also the communities and environmental interests that will or could be impacted by zoning and land use determinations allowing for such developments. Consequently, it is imperative that all affected parties understand the consequences of proposed projects and work together to find common ground that works for everyone. Rick welcomes the opportunity to assist commercial developers and communities in their efforts to find the proper planning balance.

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