There is no tougher area of legal practice than family disputes and Divorce. Lake Norman Law Firm will become the client’s rock by objectively listening to the client’s needs and providing honest counsel aimed at achieving the client’s goals. Tested and ready, we know how to disassociate emotion from difficult family conflicts, provide meaningful counsel, and stay the course – side by side with the client.

Whether your issue is a simple divorce, or more involved such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and property distribution, Lake Norman Law Firm has the knowledge and proficiency to advise and achieve results for the client while respecting the interests of the larger family dynamic.

High Asset Divorce Cases – within the family law dynamic, perhaps no area of practice requires more attention to detail, skill, and familiarity than a marital separation when a significant estate is on the line. In many cases, the client’s future livelihood is at stake. For years, Lake Norman citizens fled to Charlotte for representation with these important matters, but Lake Norman Law Firm is equipped to handle these difficult cases and provide value by keeping the client close to home. To ensure that the client’s property rights are protected and preserved, we focus on preparation early in the process and utilize creative dispute resolution techniques to avoid huge legal bills and ongoing delays.

Family Disputes – conflict within a family is not always exclusive to marital issues. Unfortunately, such disagreements arise within the extended family in the context of Will Disputes or Real Property Issues. Lake Norman Law Firm is trial ready in these special proceedings and offers a unique level of experience with the laws and legal processes associated with Will Caveats having litigated multiple cases. Likewise, we take time to understand the larger family dynamic and have experience managing cases that involve several players with varying personalities and divergent needs.

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