Adam G. Breeding, Esq.

Managing Partner

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Adam G. Breeding, Esq.

Managing Partner


  • Founding Partner, Lake Norman Law Firm
  • Associate Attorney, Elliott Law Firm
  • Clerk, Honorable Frank D. Whitney, U.S. District Court, Western District of North Carolina
  • Intern, United States Attorneys’ Office
  • Intern, Duke Energy Legal Department


Virginia Military Institute
University of Tennessee, Legal Studies, summa cum laude
Charlotte School of Law, J.D., cum laude

  • Senior Editor, Law Review
  • Order of the Crown Honor Society
  • President, Federalist Society
  • Merit Scholarship Winner

Thanks for reading my bio. I actually wrote it! You can see my education and experience on this page, but I’m not convinced that my clients care so much about that stuff. Not that those things are irrelevant, but they are pretty boring and tell the client little about my values, personality, or dedication to my law practice. So … I would like to continue with this introduction by making an objection to the traditional BIO format and actually telling folks more about me and the quality of legal representation they can expect.

What can clients expect?

  • Smart Counsel
    This doesn’t mean that I have the highest IQ in the area bar. All lawyers are “book smart,” but legal matters require common sense. Smart advice equals VALUE and OPTIONS. At Lake Norman Law Firm, you can trust that your matter will be handled practically and responsibly.
  • Honest Counsel
    If you don’t need a lawyer, I will tell you. If your case stinks, I will tell you. If you do need a lawyer, trust that you will get honest answers, honest billing practices, and truthful expectations.
  • A friendly, laid back atmosphere
    Legal matters are important and serious undertakings. In particular, disputes are very stressful for clients. I acknowledge as much, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your relationship with your attorney. I have developed many friendships and long-lasting relationships with my clients. When we need to be serious – we will. But, when dropping by the office, it shouldn’t feel like going to the dentist or to the principal’s office.
  • Suits – not so much
    Lawyers wear ties. In fact, the Lake Norman Law Firm logo incorporates a tie, but not because I wear one all the time (because it’s cool). I promise to go all Brooks Brothers when I go to court, but otherwise I hope you’ll appreciate the casualness of the office. Would you wear a tie if you didn’t have to?
  • Responsiveness
    Absolutely, Positively, the number one complaint I receive from “convert clients” is that their lawyer wasn’t responsive and hard to get ahold of. I get this. Attorneys are busy and often juggle a large set of clients. That said, it doesn’t take long to check in with a client and respond to their calls and notes. I try my very best to get back to you within a short period of time, and certainly by day’s end – even if it’s just a note to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you and will get to you shortly.
  • Responsible account management
    Legal services can be expensive, but a client’s account can and should be managed efficiently. It kills me to constantly receive formal letters from opposing counsel – over matters that can be easily handled with a short email or quick phone call. Formal correspondence has a role; so does traditional legal procedure, but I am always mindful of how to best achieve your results in the most efficient manner. Over the course of a lengthy matter, a client can save a lot of hard earned money if the case is managed responsibly. I don’t want you to have a huge bill. I want you to feel as if you received high quality legal services for great value – so you will return and refer.

If you need Smart Honest legal advice with respect to any of these areas I would be honored to be your go-to lawyer.