With the beginning of a new year, comes the overused mantra “New Year. New Me.” Although most people abandon their resolutions by the end of January, “New

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Year. New Me” may resonate deeper for some, particularly someone going through a divorce. The transition to your new lifestyle after divorce can be tough and a new year is a great start to help ease this transition. Here are some ideas to kick start your New Year and rediscover yourself after a divorce.


1) Make Time For Yourself: Carving out some time for yourself can help curb the stress that comes with a divorce. With busy schedules and life’s responsibilities, this may seem nearly impossible. However, setting aside at least 30 minutes of “Me Time” each day to read a book, take a jog, or enjoy a cup of coffee can significantly reduce your stress and boost your outlook.

2) Get Your Finances in Order: In most relationships, there is usually one spouse that handled all the bills and finances. If you’re not used to managing the household budget, this can seem overwhelming. Seek out a financial advisor to guide you with your transition from joint finances to separate. A good advisor can assist you in meeting your financial goals, as well as help you budget for retirement and lifestyle. This is also a good time to reach out to your insurance agents to check for lower rates and ensure your policy coverage is adequate.

3) Take a Vacation: Whether it’s a weekend drive or the dream vacation your spouse never wanted to take, taking some time away to clear your head is important for your mental health and well being. Gather some friends and head to the mountains or spend some time at the beach. You can find great hotel deals online and through Groupon this time of year.

4) Make New Friends: The end of a marriage can, unfortunately, sometimes lead to the end of friendships. When couples split, it may seem as though one spouse also retains the friends or you now have little in common with your married friends. Some may also avoid their friends out of fear of running into their ex. Whatever the reason may be, the friends from your marriage do not have to be your only friends. Seek out local meet-ups groups, join a gym or club, or take up a new hobby. You’re likely to find people with shared experiences you can relate to.

5) Set Goals: Whether they be weekly, monthly or year-long, setting goals gives you something to focus on and work towards achieving. Keep a planner or journal and actually track your progress. Write down your goal, then steps you need to take to achieve, then do it.

6) Revamp and Reorganize: It’s hard to focus on your future when your home is constantly reminding you of the past. Reorganize your closets and purge things that remind you of your ex. Simple things like replacing the photos on the wall or buying a new comforter can be enough of a change to reset your frame of mind.

Make 2017 a brand new slate to focus on this new chapter of your life! If you need to speak to an experienced attorney, trust the attorneys at Lake Norman Law Firm to guide you through your divorce.

– Ashley Bonomini