Starting Over In the New Year When Going Through a Divorce.

With the beginning of a new year, comes the overused mantra “New Year. New Me.” Although most people abandon their resolutions by the end of January, “New Year. New Me” may resonate deeper for some, particularly someone going through a divorce. The transition to your new lifestyle after divorce can be tough and a new year is a great start to help ease this transition. Here are some ideas to kick start your New Year and rediscover yourself after a divorce.   1) Make ... Read more

Spousal Spying: Proving Your Spouse’s Affair

Recent changes in your spouse’s habits and routine can lead to a nagging suspicion that they may be having an affair. The man who never paid much attention to his grooming habits or what was “in style” has unexplainably gotten a new haircut and updated his wardrobe. The woman who never put her career above her family is now spending more late nights at the office and joining her co-workers for happy hour on a regular basis. Maybe your spouse has become ... Read more

Fresh Starts Are Worth It

Apparently language scholars have long debated the difference between the words – Complete and Finished. If so, Divorce lawyers should have weighed in. The difference is simple. When one marries the perfect mate – he is complete. When one marries the wrong mate – he is finished.   And, if one’s perfect mate catches him with the wrong mate – he is completely finished! All joking aside, divorce is common in our society. Statistics suggest that a divorce takes place every 36 ... Read more