At Lake Norman Law Firm we offer consults to prospective clients because we believe in starting the lawyer-client relationship from an informed position and setting the client’s legal matter on the proper course from the beginning.  During these consults, my job sometimes turns into salesman… not in a pushy aggressive kind of way… but I am literally trying to “sale” the prospective client on the benefits of retaining a family lawyer.  I am not trying to “sale” for my own benefit, but instead because I know this person could use my help.  Fortunately, I am retained by the large percentage of folks I consult with.  Others, though, are searching for enough information to try to settle their case without the assistance of a lawyer.  Still others will go as far as they can, and simply use a lawyer to “wrap things up.”

Most every domestic ( especially divorce) matter could benefit greatly by using a lawyer.  In all but the most simple divorce cases you need a family lawyer.  Here are a few reasons

Let lake Norman law Firm help you finalize your divorce.

Let lake Norman law Firm help you finalize your divorce.


  1. Divorce is an important life changing event.  The contract (or separation agreement) you enter into will govern the next several years of your life.
  2. Experienced lawyers understand the pitfalls and potential fallout areas from a poorly contemplated settlement agreement.  The nominal fees associated with ensuring your agreement avoids these pitfalls are well worth it compared to living miserably over the next several years because the agreement leaves room for uncertainty and argument.  I end up fixing poorly done separation agreements all the time – after the fact.  Why not just have done correct the first time?
  3. Online child support calculators are not accurate.  They simply do not factor in important criteria incorporated by lawyers into the calculations pursuant to the child support guidelines.  For a modest example, if you receive $100 per month less than you actually should for a period of 10 years – that equates to a $12,000 loss.  Are you telling me that you wouldn’t pay a lawyer a couple hours of time to receive another $12,000 for your child?
  4. There is no formally adopted rubric for determining alimony.  Only by retaining a lawyer can you feel comfortable knowing that you are receiving (or paying) a reasonable amount of spousal support.
  5. Lawyers conduct due diligence.  Over and over again, I find assets, or extra value when conducting a review of the marital assets that are worth much more to the client than they thought.  During a recent case I worked on, I was able to locate an additional $120,000 in value associated with a pension.  The attorney fees to conduct this review – about $2,000.  Are you telling me that you wouldn’t pay $2,000 to receive an additional $118,000?
  6. A good family lawyer will tell you the truth about your case.  Often, clients experiencing separation and divorce have unreasonable expectations regarding property distribution, or child custody arrangements.  Having an unreasonable outlook only slows things down – and causes turmoil during an already stressful time.  You deserve smart honest legal counsel regarding your case.  You cannot get that advice without hiring a family lawyer.
  7. Of all legal disputes, domestic matters prove most difficult for the parties to interact together in a professional manner.  Using a lawyer cuts down on stress, eliminates conflict, and allows negotiations and discussions to transpire without added tension and delay.

These are just a few examples of why retaining a family lawyer is to your benefit.  Every now and then, I consult with a prospective client who decides to handle their matter alone without the help of lawyers.  More times than not, they come back in several months later frustrated that nothing has been accomplished.  Other times, they come back in with a separation agreement that is full of errors, legal inaccuracies, and other practical flaws that require just as much time fixing as the initial representation would have.

If you find yourself facing separation and divorce, start by scheduling a consult with Lake Norman Law Firm.  Soak up the information and advice during the consult, but use that information as a springboard to get your representation started on the proper foot.  You will be glad you hired a family lawyer.