The Bottom Line on Legal Services Geared Directly for Dental Professionals

A note from Adam Breeding, Lake Norman Law Firm’s Managing Partner, and North Carolina’s Dentist Lawyer: This entire unique practice area started by offering natural legal advice to my dentist friends. I had to learn the nuances of their operations, the industry norms, the procedures, and the style in which practice transitions are legally formulated. I represented one friend, then another, and another. I soon represented their colleagues around the area. Before long, I represented more colleagues outside of the area. All the while, I developed a keen understanding of dental practice operations, and decided to dedicate a very heavy portion of my legal practice exclusively to dental professionals.

It made sense. Dentists are unique small business owners – they require specific representation. Over time, my dentists would engage me to perform more and more legal work, covering a broad spectrum of issues connected to their practices and personal goals – whether it was estate planning, real estate transactions, divorce, or whatever legal issue arose. I quickly determined that no matter the issue at hand – it was relative to their practice in some way. In other words, it was important for me to understand the functions of dentistry and their professional practice, not just the law.

I’m proud to say that most of my dentist clients have become my friends in some form or another. There’s no type of client I would rather represent. And, importantly, professionally representing our dentists hasn’t changed those friendly personal relationships. It has, however, educated me to be the best dentist lawyer I can be. I routinely visit with my dentists, and learn how their practices are running. I’m able to take general information and circulate trends, customs, and ideas amongst my broader client base. We’ve started doing a newsletter chocked full of valuable information relative to the business of dentistry. I consult with accountants, financial planners, insurance professionals, and others in order to provide cutting edge advice to my dentists. I am routinely able to connect my dentists with one another when common issues arise. I am able to connect my dentists for business opportunities, employment opportunities, doctor / hygiene substitutes, etc. And, we do most of this networking and idea-connection without any charge to our clients – we want our dentists to be happy, and refer our services and the benefits therefrom to their colleagues!

We take care of our dentists. We don’t nickel and dime them – we charge fair (and often discounted) legal rates. We offer rate options based on personal preference. We engage our clients socially and do our best to retain the personal reality that started this practice area for Lake Norman Law Firm!

I really do believe that, for dental professionals, retaining a lawyer experienced with dental practice functions (and all of the “ins and outs” of their profession) is an invaluable tool. With that, I am happy to consult with any dentist on any legal topic that I can offer assistance with – I think you’ll be surprised and pleased with the benefits of talking with an attorney who understands your professional world.

If you would like to reach out to me personally, just send me a note and introduce yourself: