Our dentists engage in business. They sign contracts – leases for equipment, personal guarantees for loans or real estate, operating agreements for additional business opportunities. In some cases, these documents prove to be standard form arrangements that require little legal oversight or counsel. When that happens – we’re honest with our dental professionals (“they are what they are, Doc”), and advise that no legal assistance is needed. However, other times the transaction proves worthy of legal review – and the dentist should be able to trust that their lawyer understands their entire operation, the assets at risk, the liabilities in play – and how those variables relate to the transaction, and might affect their life.

Thus, Lake Norman Law Firm offers contract review, and general business representation (whether personal or associated with the dental practice) to all of our dentist clients. I promise that understanding the nuances of the dental practice and how it connects your professional life with your personal life will be a great value with respect to legal representation.