Adam Breeding, Lake Norman Law Firm’s managing partner, concentrates in providing legal services to dental professionals and related specialties. Adam offers a broad spectrum legal support system especially focused on dentists, their practices, and their related personal legal needs. The firm provides representation to dental professionals in the following areas:

  • Corporate Formation (P.A.; PLLC; LLC; INC.; Partnerships; etc.)
  • Practice Transitions (practice sales; mergers; partnership agreements; document preparation)
  • Employee Matters (associate agreements; non-competition covenants; handbooks; litigation defense).
  • General Business Matters and Contract Review (miscellaneous dental specific issues; leases, etc.)
  • Debt Collection
  • Dental Malpractice Defense
  • Asset Protection and Lawsuit Prevention
  • Administrative Assistance (healthcare; Hipaa compliance; corporate recordkeeping; etc.)
  • Estate Planning (personal)
  • Real Estate Transactions (personal)
  • Family Law (personal)

Like most unique areas of legal practice, Adam arrived at representing dentists through experience. His wife works in the industry, and Adam has close friendships with local dentists. Over time, Adam had grown to represent several dentists, not just locally, but all over the state. With each experience, he learned more and more about how dental practices operate, and realized that dentists are a unique class of legal clients. As his dentist clients’ needs expanded, so too did the range of services he offered to them. Adam learned that the relationship with his dentist clients usually commenced with a business situation, but often grew to helping clients with personal legal matters as well.

Dentists are good wage earners who are highly productive individuals. They almost always run their own shop; often in a partnership situation with other professionals. They offer excellent employment opportunities to the work force. They routinely own their office building, and are active investors in other business and real estate opportunities. Inasmuch, dentists have a lot going on, and require a variety of legal assistance. Because of these traits and the high volume of business interaction, combined with their excellent earning capacity – dentists are also a rather vulnerable professional class. Thus, dentists require personal protection as well: sound estate planning, asset protection oversight, and occasionally representation in more personal venues, such as divorce. No matter the subject matter, it is absolutely advantageous to employ an attorney who understands the value and operational systems of the dental practice. Whether the client is a young dentist starting a practice, or a veteran professional contemplating retirement, Adam can guide the client to efficient results. Adam routinely works with accountants and planners that specialize their services to dentists in order to ensure optimum and tax-efficient financial results no matter the transaction or issues.