Divorce is a tough subject. Unfortunately, it happens to dental professionals, the same as it happens to nearly half of all married persons. Adam Breeding cut his “litigation teeth” in divorce matters – and with the support and assistance of Lake Norman Law Firm’s family law team – has represented multiple dental professionals during the difficult separation and divorce process.

Divorce for dentists is particularly complex and difficult – most obviously because of the dental practice itself as a distributable asset and the associated value of that asset. In most all cases, the dentist’s spouse cannot own, or at least, operate the dentistry, right? They didn’t go to dental school, and they don’t know how to perform a root canal, or wisdom teeth extraction. Thus, the dentist must retain this valuable asset. Inasmuch – we routinely see our dentist clients placed in difficult situations when separating from a spouse. How does the dentist provide the spouse with enough property to square up an equal division of marital property, and continue to run the practice, and pay the bills? Very carefully! And, through diligent, experienced-laden legal representation!

I cannot advise strongly enough – that any dentist going through divorce – should hire a law firm experienced in representing dentists in family law matters. In my opinion, it’s absolutely paramount. Obviously, there are family lawyers who have previously represented dental professionals, and understand the nuances. If you are facing divorce, in the least – please hire one of these attorneys – they must have experience with the dentistry (as a business)! Even better, retain Lake Norman Law Firm – as we have experience in complex family law matters / high asset divorce cases, and dental practice operations. We know the issues. We know the proper professionals to employ when appraising the dentistry. We understand how dental practices are valued, and have an extensive history with practice valuation in order to compare and provide a thoughtful legal opinion on third party appraisals.

Beyond consideration of the dental practice’s role in divorce – of course there are other extremely important issues, such as child custody, child support, and alimony. Our family law team provides second-to-none divorce representation to our dentist clients, when required. We’re more efficient – because we understand your professional world, and, in many cases, we have pre-existing insight into your practice and goals.