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Asset Protection & Lawsuit Prevention For Dentists

How Dentists can avoid catastrophe by utilizing smart asset protection plans. By: Adam G. Breeding, Esq., Lake Norman Law Firm   I often talk and write about the importance of smart asset protection plans for successful folks- particularly those in high liability risk professions. Among those professionals are dentists – perhaps more so than any other profession since dentists tend to own and manage their own practice individually or with a small group of partners (unlike physicians who are generally employed by large health care ... Read more

Nearly 200 Million Reasons Not To Wait On Estate Planning.

 This Article highlights the importance of estate planning as it relates not only to the late Mr. Faison, but also to the general public. written by Adam G. Breeding, of Lake norman Law Firm A recently filed Mecklenburg County lawsuit sheds light on the importance of finalizing one’s estate plan and testamentary wishes before it’s too late. Charlotte real estate developer, the late Henry Faison, unexpectedly passed away just days before he was scheduled to make changes to his estate plan that would ... Read more