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Asset Protection For Lake Front Homeowners

Smart Planning For Lake Norman Homeowners. Written by Adam G. Breeding of Lake Norman Law firm At Lake Norman Law Firm, we often talk about the utility of asset protection plans for successful individuals who are in high risk professions. Doctors, other health care professionals, contractors, land developers, and even lawyers are often subject to liability risk associated with their jobs. But what about the common homeowner entertaining guests at their Lake Norman property? You’ve worked hard, invested wisely, and bought your dream ... Read more

Living Trusts: 10 Reasons Not To Have One.

Living Trusts: 10 reasons not to have one. Written by Adam Breeding of Lake Norman Law Firm.  Living trusts are my favorite estate planning tool. A trust may not be for every person, but for most clients the living trust is a better option than a simple will. Usually, when clients talk with me about an estate plan, I have little trouble persuading them to choose a trust. I bring my “reasons not to have a living trust” with me to the client ... Read more